FRSM-20K Scaffolding

The freestanding FRSM-20K can reach a height of 45 feet (without wall anchors). It can be installed in less than a day on a standard project. It has a lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs (4,500 kg) at a speed of 8 feet per minute. It can reach 61 feet of length in single mast, which allows it to cover more wall surface.

Lifting capacity of 4,500 kg (10,000 lb) at a speed of 2.4 m (8 ft) / minute, the 20K can reach 14.6 m (48 ft) of length in single mast, therefore covering more wall surface. The installation of a 20K on a standard project is done in less than 2 days.

ACT-8 Scaffolding

The freestanding ACT-8 can reach a height of 47 feet (without wall anchors). It is the most versatile of our fleet and has an endless screw mechanism that allows elevation at variable speeds. It can reach 58 feet in length in single mast, which allows it to cover more wall surface.

Each platform can lift up to a net load of 3.6T (8,000 lbs). The ACT offers the power of a hydraulic system at staggering speeds!

FRSM-8000 scaffolding

In its freestanding configuration, the 8000 platform is perfectly designed for working heights up to 12.8 m (42 ft) without being anchored to the wall. It is a self-supporting system thanks to a double mast resting on a freestanding base. Sturdy mast sections, adaptable bases and reliable wall ties allow you to work over 168 m (550 ft) high; therefore enabling you to reach new heights! The strong wall-tie system can be anchored anywhere, from concrete to bricks, blocks, and steel structures.

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